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Friday, November 28, 2014

Charity Auction:Massachusetts Battleroad Tour with a British Red Coat

I used to work with Winston at another tour company he's great, history is delivered with humor and whit.  There is a bit of pro-British bias but hello he is dressed in a red coat!  I believe he is supporting the British Soldier Fund but I will update if this proves other wise.
You can bid here: https://www.biddingforgood.com/auction/item/item.action?id=226304307

Details: A one day tour for up to four people led by Winston Stone, a well-known historian, re-enactor and founder of New England Military History Tours. 
Begins at the Boston Common the encampment of the British Army, from there travel to Lechmere Square Cambridge the embarkation point of the troops for Concord. Travel to Harvard Square and Cambridge Common were there two the cannons brought to Boston from Fort Ticonderoga by General Knox for the siege of Boston. Travel on Massachusetts Avenue through Cambridge, Arlington and to Lexington the route of march of the army. Arrive at Lexington Green and explain what happened here. Follow the route of the troops out ton Concord, move to the Old North Bridge. Then follow the route back of the retreat, from Merriam¿'s Corner, the Bloody Angles, Parker's Revenge, Fiske Hill and return to Lexington to Monroe Tavern. Follow Massachusetts Avenue back through Arlington and the Foot of the Rock, Jason Russell House, into Cambridge and the skirmishes that ensued there, on to Somerville Avenue and to Union Square site one of the last encounters and finally on to Bunker Hill where the troops collapsed before being ferried back to Boston. 
The tour includes lunch at some convenient point depending on which tour is chosen.

Special Instructions

For up to four people. Includes lunch.