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Monday, November 24, 2014

German Recon Infantry

I did these guys up to act as an infantry recon unit with a number lists where a infantry scouts are the only option that is available.
 This shot is to show off the bases a mix of elements from the Army Painter tundra set, tufts from army painters bad lands set and leaves from Secret Weapon.
 Commander and a Panzer Faust armed soldier. The Leaves are a little out of scale especially when you get this close to the model but standing back a foot or two away (like in the over head shot) they look right.
 I like that the Faust is not too evident so I can include it or not in the list.
 The figures are from the Gebirgsjager set I painted the smocks up in sort of a pea dot camouflage.
 Yes you did see dogs.  Probably not strictly actuate but troops that are sniffing out trouble could use dogs.  I love that the NCO looks like he is holding (or has just lost his hold on) a leash and the big dog is eager to get at the enemy(or maybe get at the enemy's rations).
 I kept the number of men to a base down to 3 so I will know right away who is a recon stand and who isn't.
The camouflage  look I was looking for is based off one I saw at a reenactment.  Colors are a little different but you get the idea.