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Friday, November 21, 2014

GHQ Battle of Kursk with New Hampshire War Gaming Alliance

Last night I made my way north for gaming with a new organization New Hampshire War Gaming Alliance who I had found or who had found me though the magic of Facebook.  This was also there first or second gathering at a brand new game store the Relentless Dragon (seriously they still have the new store smell).  They had a couple of games of X-wing going on and a Micro Armor game using the tanks only version of the GHQ rules.  
The game is set in the late stages of the battle of Kursk, the Russian mission is to get half their tanks across the field and off board. The brown lines are road.  Austin made a very cool portable 4 piece field that and interlock a number of ways.
The Germans are spread out either in woods, or behind hills waiting on the Russian advance.
Russian commanders Dave and Tod  plan the advance as Max (Tod's son I believe) and I prepare to parry the blow as best we can.
Enemy sighted!   A tiger platoon fires at long range and disables a platoon of T-34s. Dave tries to roll a 1 to repair the damaged Platoon.  He calls out before hand this will be the the greatest roll in the history of gaming...
and he did not disappoint! Austin however says it has to be re-rolled.
The soviets advance and Max unleashes a torrent of fire on the Soviets right flank column and scores several hits including the complete destruction of a platoon
On the left the soviets make better use of cover but I still disable another platoon.
Hum... can you see what they are doing?  looks like a column of tanks coming right down our throat.
A Panzer IV platoon is taken out before it can with draw.
More Soviet tanks move to the middle  I get several hits one kill and a number of disables(black markers) and suppressions(white markers).  Max also scores a disable on on T-34.
Tigers and Panzer IVs on the high ground above the soviets ready to deal death...  I think the next turn would have seen significant Soviet losses but depending on the Soviet commanders order (in this game you move or shoot never both) the Germans would have taken losses too.
Sadly its 9:00 PM and we have to keep wives and mothers happy so the game shuts down.  Once we got the hang o it the battle moved pretty quickly.  The rule embrace opportunity fire meaning you have to be careful where you move.  Next time I think we can get a decision in the same time frame. Thanks Austin for taking on the task of rule teacher and interpreter.  

(Max was originally misidentified as DJ sorry for the confusion.)