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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Longstreet at the Whiz

 After months of missed connections my gaming buddy Adrian and I finally managed to get together for a game of Longstreet.  Adrian has been itching to try the game and as you guys know I am  big fan of Longstreet.  I set up a game in 1863 and rolled the cornfields for scenario.  I have played a lot of games as the Confederates so I opted to run Yankees this time.
 I had planned to use my US Regulars(seasoned vets) and sharpshooters to hold the rebels in the fields on the right while the Eager Recruits.
 The 39th NY faces the 1st and 4th Texas.  I threw back Adrian' first attack.
 On the right I am feeling a little under maned with only two five stand units against two big confederate units.
 On the left the opposite situation holds true the 11th Mass hits the 4th Texas and drives them back.  
 Further advances drive the 4th Texas  to fall back further the 39th NY exchanges fire with the 1st Texas.
 I used the confusion card to draw the 1st Louisiana in to range (and pull them away from the action on the left. Adrian has been pressing me on the right... and my casualties are mounting.
 I pull back the 15th and 7th US Infantry from the field... the 7th has lost a stand in combat already.
 On the left the 39th NY drives back the 1st Texas... the 11th Mass is getting the worst of a fire fight with the 4th Texas.
 The 1st Louisiana and 5th Texas charge the US Regulars,  Adrian got the better of by infantry fights. Adrian missed a victory on the dice roll to check (he needed a 4 or better and rolled a 2)
 My artillery did drive the 1st Louisiana back... hit them again with grapeshot and the Point Blank card... got 4 hits 2 of which I was able to confirm.
 I also managed to hit the 1st Texas with two units at once (almost got a flank attack with the cavalry).  I got two stands and the were driven back.  I also got another stand from the 4th  Texas pushing us into break check area I need a 5 or 6 and roll a 6.
It was close game and I just came out on top.   It was a great game on the right the Rebels had a lot of success on the left I had the same.  The battles raged past each-other it seemed very realistic to Civil War battles.  Adrian liked the game and wants to give it anther go.