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Friday, March 6, 2015

Challenge Entry: Marie Louise French infantry

I was going through the dead lead box and found these fellows... sadly they lack back packs and cartridge boxes. But I thought they would be perfect for a group of French conscripts circa 1813 to 1814 or Marie Louises as the old Grognards called them.
I wanted the troops to look warn and dirty and my wash came through they look much like they have been tramping down muddy roads and across sodden fields for days.

I left a space on the right centre base as I hope to get an officer or color bearer to finish out the unit. the stands on the wings have three men each in a triangle. I find this approach gives a unit a slightly ragged look.

From the back I had to sort of paint around the lack of back packs and boxes but I think I managed we can assume these men are carrying rounds in pockets due to a shortage of equipment. I like having some ragged troops in my Army and these certainly fit. I am now officially 100% out of Napoleonic troops! Nice to have that project complete especially as 28mm Nappy was not a road I really wanted to explore but some times you just got to go with the club.