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Friday, July 17, 2015

Save Sister Sara Play test two

I made two major changes based on the last game 1) Japanese Cruisers and Destroyers were given elite crews making them harder to hit 2) the Washington was replaced with the North Carolina which historically was sent home because its Number 2 main gun turret was knocked out in battle, this made it a logical escort for the Saratoga.  The US also traded the Juneau for the Chester giving them more long range punch. Finally at Adrian's suggest I had the Japanese start more then 40 inches from the USN making the closing period longer
 David and Ethan took the US fleet I took the Japanese.
 The Japanese advance in two columns (cruisers and battle cruisers) with a destroyers a head.
 The US opts to hold the destroyers back... operating as point defense for the bigger ships... the advance straight a head accepting few long range shots in exchange for closing faster.
 Turn two the US Draws first blood killing one Japaneses destroyer with a single shell form North Carolina.
 I start spiting my fleet cruisers going left while the Battle Cruiser go right and the DDs go straight in looking or torpedo hits. About this time I realize the Japanese are too hard to hit so the cruisers loses their elite status. A second Japanese destroyers is sunk as is a US Destroyer(sacrificing it self to take 5 torpedo hits aimed at Saratoga) .  The North Carolina takes 3 torpedo hits but two are absorbed by armor and expert US damage control eliminates flooding the same turn.
 Both fleets are now very close so close its almost pistols and cutlass time. The Haruna takes hits form the North Carolina and Chester and his set a blaze but hurts the Chester in turn and sinks a us destroyer. The Kirishima lands three hits on Washington but none penitrate her formidable armor
 On the other side of the battle the Mikuma and Chokia sink the Quincy and torpedoes hit the Saratoga doing some damage (failed to penetrate the secondary armor)
 Kirishima taking aim at with the North Carolina.
At this point it was 9:00 PM so we called it.  it was still any ones game Both sides were down two Destroyers, the Quincy was out of the fight and the Chester was in bad shape.  Mikuma and Haruna were both on fire and hurt to some degree.  This time the Japanese had a fighting chance.  I am really enjoying these rules though I think the torpedo rules may need some tweaking.  I feel the Japanese fish are too short ranged and that they are too hard to hit with.  I am going to reread those rules just to make sure I have them right.  Next time I do this I going to give the US a healthy battleship but other wise I think I am closing in on getting this right.

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