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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Critter Kingdom Mouse Ranger and Priest

Two more Critter Kingdom (Dark Sword) figures these are both mouse people they and the mouslings scale if you think of these as human size and mouslings as Dwarf or Hobbit size. 
 The first is a priest or druid figure, druid feels more right to me, I feel like this one is female though really I don't have any reason to feel that way.  Unlike the Reaper miniatures there are on overt female traits, specifically human style breasts, but I think this one is female.
 I went with earthy color scream rich brown and green set off with yellow. I did the metallic parts in Bronze rather than gold or silver as this seemed to fit the color palate better.
The mouse man Archer/Ranger.  The style of dress with its made me think of him as being part of a formal military unit rather than the lone hunter/wanderer type of ranger.   I did his tunic in velejo Deep Green fringed in White.
The cloak is German Dark Camo Green again fringed in White is quiver and sheath and gear are clean and well made but not fancy.  Again this gives me the feeling this guy is part of an elite unit of scouts and marksman rather than solitary ranger. 

Both of these will probably find homes in an all animal Frostgrave war band before too long.  

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