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Monday, July 27, 2015

Save Sister Sara Play test III

Saturday I got together with Adrian and Jon of Wargame Recon to play test my scenario for the Hobby Bunker Game Day(8/29). We were joined by Steve of Boston Trained band.  Jon and Steve took the US fleet while Adrian took three of the Japanese Cruisers and all the Japanese destroyers. I had the Haruna and Kirishima and one Japanese heavy cruiser.
The USN started the game with a BANG! the Washington took the Chokai under fire and scored several devastating critical resulting in heavy flooding and a sever list.
Adrian tried to get the flooding under control but rolled a second severe list and the ship rolled over and sank with all hands.... the USN was jubilant  the IJN players were slightly stunned.
Still the IJN bore in with all the dedication one would expect from samuri and.. 
Got a little of their own back as the lead US Destroy was sunk by shells from a Japanese Cruiser.
US and Japanese Destroyers approach each other screaming the major elements of their fleets
The Japanese lose another ship a destroyer this time as large caliber shells land home
Haruna takes Washington under fire landing minor damage.
The Mikuma is closing the US Cruisrs who are protecting Saratoga
Japanese fire splashes around the US fleet
another US destroyer is destroyed as secondary fire from Kirishima sets ready ammunition ablaze.
The USS Quincy takes have fire and take a have hit to the bridge.
US and Japanese destroyers close to extreme close range and die in a mutual immolation with guns and torpedoes.  The close action is in the best tradition of both sides.  The Haruna takes savage and devistating damage from Washington.  She is a ablaze and is suffering form flooding and a list but
still fighting and she land heavy hits of her own on Lexington. The Quincy and Chester both sink under Japanese guns but the  the Washington has only minor damage.   The Furutaka and Mikuma launch long range torpedo shots at Saratoga and Adrian commanding the Furutaka lands a hit that penetrates her torpedo belt.  He rolls a 20 on the torpedo critical table and the Saratoga is lifted out of the water as a massive internal explosion occurs when one of her magazines is hit.   The Washington probably gets a good deal of revenge the Haruna is certainly sunk in the after math and its probable at least one other Japaneses ship goes down as well but the goal of the mission is to sink the Saratoga and we proved it was possible (the damage she had take made it probably that the Japanese could have done it even if they didn't get the lucky torpedo hit.) Thanks to Hobby bunker for letting us use this outstanding talble

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