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Friday, July 10, 2015

Chain of Command with New Hampshire War Games Alliance

 Mike from Boston Trained Band made his way north to teach us Chain of Command.  I have heard a lot of good things about this game so I was eager to try.  Mike and Austin provided the troops (Austin hadn't gotten his painted yet, sorry) and we used terrain belonging to me and several other people. Here Mike is waking us throught the patrol/deployment part of the game. I found this very interesting and think it could be adapted to other games even if I don't take to Chain of Command.
 The first American Squad take the field...
 We Germans got only enough to place the sniper who I ran (as it was my one figure on the table).
 More american arrive and start scooting toward a position on the German flank.
 Over watch leads to a lot of shots at my my sniper when he take another shot.
 at last more Germans arrive and lay down a lot of LMG fire.
 The Americans are trying to flank but the they take MG fire and run for cover.
 On the left the Americans run past the German squad...
 take the jump off/objective point... leading us...
to charge but our dice rolls are terrible.  We decided to call this simple demo game as the Americans clearly had the upper hand.

The game was interesting I like it more than Bolt action.  I really like how the patrol phase it makes for an interesting set up rather than you set up a unit, I set up a unit like in flames of war.