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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Panthers and Jagdpathers

 So I first mentioned these guys last week and I am happy to be unavailing them as I am very happy with how they came out.  These are from the "new" plastic Panther Jagdpather box set by Battlefront/Flames of war.
 I used a "dot ambush camouflage" patter following the guidance of the Flames of War website in the article Hinterhalt: The Art of Panther Camouflage these are hand painted not air brushed.
 This fellow will act as company CO and sometimes as the Warrior Team Bake for Kampfgroup Bake in Flames of war.
 The models went together very well especially since the top an bottom are not glued together, more on that latter.
 This fellow will probably act as the Platoon Command team when I am running a Panzer platoon.  The helmet as opposed to the more usual soft hat will make him easy to pick out.
 I can not claim to have come up with the idea below as I was inspired by the folks at Breakthrough Assault  we did a similar modification.
 I tried several approaches but putting a steel base on on part of the model...
and a magnet on the other seemed to work best.  So I can also field 5 JagdPathers  instead of 5 Panther tanks.
 I don't know that I would ever use this many of them at once but its nice to have the option.
Platoon or company commander (I don't know if there are any Jagdpather company lists) but these will be some nice heavy metal to add to Gelbirgjagers