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Monday, June 1, 2015

Dark Age Reinforcements Footsore Minatures

Here we have the first of my purchase from Huzzah. They are all Footsore Miniatures from the Romano Britain lines.  From left to right you have the figures Tristan, Galahad, Gawain and Bors as they are named by Footsore.  I of course have used my own designations as I plan to use these, for now, with my Dark Age Saxon force and eventually I will use them as the leadership for my own Romano-Briton force.
The first figure is the Tristan in the Footsore line but I painted him as my Briton Noble for the Dux Campaign Vortimer. Sadly Vortimer was killed in the last battle before I could finish painting him.
So he'll get renamed Eaglmund and be changes race from Briton to Saxon.  The shield might have an old roman eagle or Saxon/Viking Raven
I did the cloak in a plaid dark brown, golden brown and light blue to give a splash of color.
The Galahad figure I don't have a game name for him yet and I am not sure if the Dragon "banner" is standard with the miniature.  Here is a true throw back to Rome with his horse crest helm..
and reddish/purple cloak complete with wolf skin lining.
I tried to give the dragon wind sock a sense of scales colors are red yellow with some bright orange bits put in.
The tunic I did in light gray with sky blue striping for a bit of color
This is the Bors figure from Footsore in my game he will be my new senior noble Wulfgeat.  I really like the facial features of this figure with his broad noes.
I tried a new design on the shield.  I was going for something like a Celtic Knot, it doesn't have that complexity but it works.
Going into battle with out a helm seems odd but when have such great hair... I really like his armor, Mail, a scale "breast plate" that I did in Bronze, I also like the leather bracer on the his right arm and the leather at the shoulder.
Last of all we have Gawain (no specific name in my campaign).  I real love this pose its a bit flamboyant but its also very similar to a couple of historic fencing stances. The idea is to keep the body be hind the shield and the sword back so your opponent will have hard time keeping track of were it is.
I wanted to suggest a cross with this shield so he will look proper with a Romano-Briton Army.  I like addition of the leather covering the mail and the no nonsense helmet.  It say to me that this fellow is a real warrior how ever flamboyant is personality.
The pose suggested this fellow need a special out fit so while I gave the tunic a plain silver gray base cover then added strips/zig-zags in blue and yellow brown.  This was the first time I have painted Footsore figures and I am quite impressed with the quality of the sculpts and the personality they show.