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Friday, June 26, 2015

Cruiser Action Naval Thunder at the Relentless Dragon

 A US squadron of the USS Minneapolis, USS Quincy and USS Boise faced off gains a Japanese squadron of of the Chokai and Suzuya. The Japanese fleet was slightly more powerful according to the points the Japanese force was slightly more powerful so I gave that force to my opponent Tyler as he did not have a strong feeling about which force he wanted to play. We used basic rule an divided movement and ranges by half because our play area was limited.
 The ships closed and extreme range fire was ineffective. when the range dropped to long the Boise got a lucky hit with her six inch guns Setting the Chokai on fire
 Both fleets were now at effective range and damage stated to add up quickly.
 Suzuya received the first of two bridge hits while Minneapolis was hit repeatedly by Suzya and was soon taking on water and listing badly.  Quincy landed several hits on Chokai but something was wrong with her ammunition as no penetrations were obtained.  Boise had better luck with here lighter six inch guns and soon Chokai has some serious damage including the destruction of all secondary mounts.
 I attempted to withdraw the Minneapolis but with two hits to her engine compartment mean while Boise was hit in her fire control and both Chokai and Minneapolis went down,  Torpedoes from the Chokai missed the Quincy.  The next turn Quincy and Boise concentrated fire on Suzuya, while Suzuya fired on Boise.  Boise was sunk and then it was on one.
 Quincy finally managed some penetrating hits and Tylers dice went dry. scoring only very minor damage on the Quincy.
Japanese Torpedoes miss and fire from the Quincy at last cracks enough armor plate on the Suzuya to cause her to sink...  This was a fairly even fight and this time numbers mattered but with a little more luck the Japanese could have won. The Boise with only secondary armament let me focus fire on two ships while not suffering form multiple splash marks which helped (only primary armament counts for splash marks, I personally would call her 6 inch guns primary armament but I am not ready to muck around with the rules just yet).