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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kampfgroup Bake Vs US 2nd Armor (Dust Up)

 I made my way to the Whiz with my to give my Kampf Group Bake list a try.  I paired off with Chris who was trying to tweak a US Armor list.  We talked over his list and I felt it could do well against mine.  Dust up meant he had two platoons on board and I had 3. I started with my Tigers and Panthers on the board, with my Panzer pioneers to hold the two objectives.
 The US 2iC foolishly advanced and fired smoke at me... and died for his cheekiness.
 My cats were swinging left and right to bring pressure on the US objectives form two directions.
 US Artillery got me bunched up it the town and killed my 2iC
 Chris and his Easy Eights fire on my Tigers and failed to penetrate his dice were very bad early on.
 I had better luck with the Tigers taking out one E8.
 My Panthers took out regular Sherman tanks...
 The the US reinforcements came in behind me.
 They got one of my Panthers and turned that Prong of my attack back around to protect my objectives... an hope for my own reinforcements.
 I get my Jagers and they advance on the objective and the US Battery.
 Tanks exchange fire I bail one and destroy another.
 My Jagers destroy a US gun and then take the objective...
 then get bounce back by the remains of the US armor.
Now the Airborne infantry arrive and they got lucky killing one of my in Panzer Pioneers,
My men don't unpin so I pulled them back and tried to take out the US tanks but missed.
The US infantry is closing it on my objectives...
and one of my tanks is bailed this is probably the most dangerous moment of the game for me...
The US Airborne try to charge for a close assault but with they learn the danger of charging massed MG 42s with 9 shots plus some extra fire from the one panther with a shot they tumble back.
The nest turn Chris get on more Panther with his last Sherman 76...
But I take him out in turn
My now unpinned infantry take the objective wiping not the bailed US commander
I got plastered by US artillery soon after  and in two turn my boys had run away.
Chris had one man holding the objective but with two platoons dead and two more on the edge of being destroyed Chris conceded.  It was a tough game I thought Chris was out several times but he held on.  I made some suggestion to tweak his list.  I was pleased with how mine performed I lost only one platoon, I may change it a bit as I am not sure all the platoons work.