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Friday, June 19, 2015

L'Art de La Guerre demo game at Relentless Dragon

David (cut in half on the left) organized a game of L'Art de La Guerre last night. David, Tyler and Russ had command of the Celtic Britons while Nick and commanded the Roman Legions.
I had the Roman right with two Corps one of Legionnaires  and one of Auxiliary cavalry.  Dave has 6mm troops on order from http://www.baccus6mm.com/ so he did these print outs.
Here you see my collision with the main line of the Celtic center my cavalry had hit the Chariots on the right with javelins.
I did well in the exchange getting multiple disruption hits on most of my foes and only getting two on my own units.
The Celtic Britons elite troops hit my cavalry but the initial damage wasn't great
Tyler fell back hopping to rally his men and many be make me open to a flank attack if Russ could drive back my cavalry.
The Roman light troops and Briton light infantry and cavalry are skirmishing at range
I send my men forward agianst the Briton center (typical Roman tactics simple but brutally effective) while my light cavalry flanks the elite troops of the Britons.. though at some risk.
I battered the Briton center..
and do some damage to the elites.. but they swing back and get some damage on me aw well... the Britons are close to finished.  Nick is doing his part fending off the Celtic light troops on my left and hurting them much worse than he is hurt (Dave was rolling really poorly)
The final stage... my cavalry though battered takes out several of the Briton elites and though the Legions struggle against the lighter Celts that still hold the center taking more damage than they did against the supposedly better troops at the front of the formation.
Nick with his trademark double thumbs up in victory.  The Celts lost better than 15 units of troops while the Romans suffered the loss of 7 mostly in the last turn and entirely form men under my command. Nick's men on the left didn't suffer any losses and got their share of the Celts so battle honors go to the Roman light troops.