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Friday, June 12, 2015

Longstreet at Relentless Dragon

Thursday Night I set up a game of Longstreet for the members of the New Hampshire Wargames Alliance.  I did not have enough decks of cards for every player so I did one deck per sided and let modifiers applied to both sides.   Some the pictures came out very badly for some reason.
There were three brigades per sided that got changed to two brigades as we have fewer people than expected show up. I did the Cross Roads scenario and put three battalions of Yankees on the cross road with two batteries in support.
 The rest of the Yankees had to make their way up across the river. I figured that would give the Confederates two to three turns to attack before the Yankees got into position.
The Rebels had a formidable force of Eager troops and made good use of cover on the right their units on the left especially 1st Texas were roughly handled by the Yankee artillery.
 Max the Confederate player on the right launched a series of charges using the Rebel Yell card to good effect.  Dave on the left got into position and opened up with muskets to good effect.
 The Yankees tried their own counter charge though they didn't roll well at all. At this point both sides were running out of cards and the Yankees were approaching their force shatter points (they had 21 casualties out of 30 not quite there but close)
 With time running out we declared it a draw or possibly a slight Yankee victory.  Everyone said they liked the game so I call it a successful night