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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Micro Armor Eastern Front at Relentless Dragon

David had set up a scenario for Thursday night at the Relentless Dragon.  The scenario is one where a brave an skilled Soviet LT turned the tables on a German ambush.  I believe the rules were GHQs micro armor
Sadly Nick here broke the scenario by sting back in his corner, I tried to maneuver but well...
I used the little cover available to get close...
But eventually you just can't hide
Nick got a hit on my leader and the scenario ends in a German victory.  We all agreed the scenario was  good one but that it needed a little more tweaking.
So we reset this time numbers have been equalized the German's also had to devend the village so they couldn't use the "edge of the world" to protect their flanks
Three panthers protecting the village
I was able to use the woods to keep my ooponent form getting clear shots.
Once I moved a unit in the open I had some trouble.
I lost two T-34s but got one around behind the Germans.
The responded with forces moved down from the hi;; 
I had some good luck shooting getting 3 panthers in one turn.. shooting from behind really worked well.  Micro Armor is a lot of fun I still prefer Flames of War but their is a lot of fun to be had with small tanks.