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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dark Age Light Horsemen

These are more Footsore Miniatures.  My intention is to use them as the light cavalry.
Again I really like these figures though I have one complaint, they sell them in packs of 3 and that's minor inconvenience when you only need 4... oh well I have two extra.
First up is one of my favorite figures, Ariana consulted on the color mix and at one point said "make him ginger like my brother!" So I did and I am very happy with how his hair and beard look (he does look a bit like Ariana's brother too)
I liked the wooden shield and I drilled a hole in left hand to give him an extra spear/javelin
I was very pleased with how a the paid cloak came out, painting this sort of pattern is both harder and easier than it is in 15mm.
I mad my second rider blond and gave him a rich blue tunic.  This sort of rich dark blue was probably expensive to make in the old days. Any man who can afford weapons and a horse can probably aford a good tunic.  I like how the red and orange shield came out.
This guy gave me one headache his spear kept popping out and having to be re-glued.  I would have prefer they make solid hands even if I had to drill through them to let them hold spears.
My final unarmored horseman this fellow is certainly heading for a fight wearing a helm and carrying the spear ready to throw.  The other two could be hunting as easily as riding into battle.
The shield look a bit like the Swedish flag which was not what I had in mind but its a nice look and a splash of color in this fellows drab out fit.
My first armored cavalryman.  I plan to use him as Bern Thorkellson from the Last Light of the Sun novel. A theme I am using a Gods and Morals Army.
The bare armor and horse hair steemer on his helmet says hero to me.
This is one of my more colorful shields even if the pattern is very simple. I put a little gold on his helmet and on the clasp of his cloak.
Again I did a paid cloak, I am not sure how common these were in the Dark Ages but I like the look. Since Dux uses 4 man cavalry units this fellow will ride with the unarmored men as the "leader" of the cavalry group.
The alternative leader for the group is this fellow (or if I get 3 more unarmored men the leader of the second group).  The blue cloak and red and white shield make a nice color mix.
The gray horse will also make this fellow stand out and I gave him an orange and red striped tunic (not sure how common an orange dye would be  but I will go with it)
This spear also gave me some issues but I hope I have them fixed its the one real flaw in the figure design a closed hand (even if it didn't come drilled out and I have to do them myself) rather than the open hand they are cast with.