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Friday, June 19, 2015

New Lists for some new toys(WIP)

So I got some new toys for Flames of war and while they still works in progress (though quite fare along).  For a long time I resisted Panthers because frankly every one seems to run them.  Sill the new plastic box set let me get both Panthers and Jagdpanthers in one bite as I used a method similar to the fellows  at Breakthrough Assault So I have three new lists not tournament world beaters but they should be fun.
This one is From Panzers to the Muses I really like these lists for their mix of infantry and armor in the primary platoons. I get Panthers, MG/Panzerfaust infantry and Panzer IVs in one lists... that's pretty cool.  On to of that its always attack.  I will have to get some Pumas (but those are on order).
This is a list I have always wanted to play there is just some thing cool about having both Big Cats in one list. I don't think its going to win a lot of games but with two Warriors and lots of Big Cats will make a fun list to loose with, or so I think. 
This is probably the best list of the set good solid infantry, two templates (though the 75mm battery is mostly for smoke) and some solid AT assets. This is probably the best tournament list of the sort.