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Monday, June 8, 2015

Dark Sword Critter Kingdom Kick-starter unboxing

 When I got to work this morning my Dark Sword Miniatures from the Critter Kingdom Kick-starter had arrived.
Three Dogs: one Pug and two Basset Hounds. Three: Cats (foes for the mouslings perhaps) 
 Of course the Mouslings also have some allies 8 more anthropomorphic mice (scale is not a match but you can't have every thing).
 Also 8 Anthropomorphic rabbits ready for battle there is also an otter cleric and two pandas
 For scale the mice and the mouslings don't match unless of course they are to mice-men what Hobbits are to humans.  They do scale well reasonably well with the otter and rabbit.
The detail on these guys is really good they really look like ready for anything adventures in the best tradition of a D&D dungeon crawl.  This was also a good deal too, the price was better than half off Dark Swords normal prices. Dark Sword has a new project up too Tony DiTerlizzi Masterworks Miniature Range