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Monday, June 1, 2015

Footsore size comparison

One of my friends asked how the Footsore figures compared to other manufactures so I got out the camera.
 Left to right War Games Factory, Artisan, Footsore and Gripping Beast
 Artisan the figure is on a slightly larger base but they are of similar size and proportion.
Hear is the Footsore figure next to an old Ral Partha figure a true 25mm its a touch shorter and his legs and arms are a bit smaller. 
Here next to the War Games Factory figure on the same base they are a good match but Factory figure is much lower quality (hey its plastic) 
My Gripping Beast Saga Bard.  The Bard is on a slightly thicker base but even so the bard seems a little taller. 
Finally next to the Griping Beast archer again they are on the same base and both are the same size though the Footsore figure might be a bit bigger in the body. 
(I have added the examples below to the original posting since its proven quite popular) 
 Old Glory, the now familar Foorsore figure, Games Workshops Lord of the Rings, DGS Freeblades figure and a Reapers Bones miniature. I tried to equalize the bases here.
 The Old Glory figure is a touch shorter and a little stouter but other than being form about 500 years later I might even try mixing these together.
 Here we have Bors next to Boromier again its a very close match the main difference being in the face but... well real faces are often very different from one person to another.
 Here we have the Footsore miniature next to Dead Generals Society and is one their Freeblades figures these are 32mm figures and he is appropriately large. Even so he seems almost in scale if he is being used to represent a big tall man.  Again his costume isn't right but if they could work in fantasy setting.
Last of all we have a Reaper "Bones" figure I couldn't quite equalize the bases but even so the Bones figure is a little bigger though this particular figure (an elf that I use to represent a female human, a witch/priestess) is smaller in the arms, and hands (and body, though the cloak doesn't make it obvious).