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Monday, June 22, 2015

Fighting Sail test game

Our naval thunder game finished early enough that we were able to get out my sailing-ships to play test Fighting Sail the new rule set by Osprey publishing.  I commanded a French "Fleet" of two 3rd rates and a small 6th rate frigate. Adrian took a British "Fleet" of one 1st Rate and a 4th Rate. We both maneuvered for two turns before getting into range.  (I like the random movement process in these rules).
My first 3rd rate the Languedoc got a shot on the Royal Savage (1st rate) but she shrugged it off. Not so her fire on Laguedoc that inflicted 5 damage on me, Critical damage under the rules, and Languedoc is reduced to a wreck...
I Screwed up my maneuvers and Africa took Orient the same way with a raking shot. The system played quick, very quick! I am not sure I got it right as it seems odd that two ships of the line should go down as the result of TWO Broadsides! I am back to reread the rules to make sure I got this right, so the jury is still out on these rules.