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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Naval Thunder at the Whiz

 Adrian set up a game of Naval Thunder using my ships their first foray onto the table. The USS Washington and USS Pensacola faced off with the Huruna, Kongo and Aoba.  I too the USN and I actually thought it would be the harder side to handle... I was very worried about Japanese torpedoes.
 The Washington managed to advanced and turn taking the Huruna under fire...
 of 9 shots 7 landed home breaking through for multiple critical hits including several flooding hits the ship develops a serious list. The Japanese troops respond but does only minor damage to the Washington.
 Adrian then screwed up and managed to put the Haruna between the USN and the Aoba making her a nice little torpedo net for me. I shifted the fire of the Washington to the Kongo which I hit hard but not nearly as hard as I hit Haruna.  Pensacola keeps picking away at the Haruna doing minor damage.
 Adrian got a little of his own back as his secondary armament the Bridge of the Washington...  this hurt my ability to maneuver for a turn and lowers my command ratting due to some of my command staff being out of action.
 My damage control was able to handle the issue quickly... and we continure to exchange broad sides.
 The Aoba is still having trouble getting around the Haruna
 The Washington get another major critical hit on the Kongo and it catches fire
 The Washington's secondary armament hit the Aoba hard taking out it torpedoes! as fire form the Pensacola starts it burning.
The Washington got more hits on both Japanese BCs and sinks the Aoba.  The Washington only took about 15% damage.  In theory these were equal forces but I think the Washington could probably have taken on at least one more BC with no trouble. Adrian might have done better if the he had gotten his torpedoes into action and his concentrating fire on Washington actual lead to fewer hits... he probably should have tried to sink Pensacola first.  That said Washington's Armor was so tough it might not have been possible for the Kongos to hurt her badly.