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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sturm Division vs Soviet Guards Armor

 Some where in Russia a German Sturm Company has been caught in the open by a Soviet Armor company.  Mark is running the Guards armor from Red Bear I have the 78th Storm company from Gray Wolf. The Mission is free for all played at 1900 points.
 Mark advanced a platoon of ISU-85s on the right the rest of his armor is hiding on the left.
 Mark got a lucky hit early taking out one of my guns with direct fire making me a 2 gun battery.
 I tried to return the favor but didn't get any kill.
 I sent my platoon of Pioneers with two Panzershrieks into the village trailing my SutGs.
 I wanted to threaten his troops and guns and draw off his armor if I could... Shooting
 and Assaulting drove them back and got me in some cover against return fire.
 Forcing Mark to move for shots...
 But he still got one.
 The rest of the armor is advancing on the left and killed on of my 88s.
My StuGs continue their advance but the Soviet infantry keeps making its moral tests and sticking around.
 I got one Soviet tank before my 88s died from a combination of gunfire and assault.
 My infantry Pioneers advance and missed with Shrieks and then got pinned in the attempted assault... Mark had six shots and got 5 hits.
We have a shot at the Soviet Commander... but can only bail him.
Here come the Soviets but as has been the case much of the day I can't get fire power tolls when I need them...
I bail out only one tank and mark misses but I guns must fight or die and my men fail their moral check and abandon the guns at the key moment.  We are out of time... the game is technically a draw but Mark has me on the ropes with careful play and decent luck he would eventually overwhelm me. Lets call this one a victory for Mark and the Red Army.