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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dark Age Mercenaries and Archers

John and I are getting to the point in our Dux Britanniarum campaign were one or the other of us might want to hire mercenaries.  So I painted these guys up to serve as a mercenary band.  They all have a quilted leather armor and I armed 5 of them with axes and one with a banner.   All have swords on their belts as befits soldiers of fortune in any age.
I did a mix of shield designs including one fancy Celtic knot design its not actually a Celtic Knot but it looks pretty close form a distance. Most of the rest are fairly straight forward designs 
When buying mercenaries in Dux you have a one in six chance of getting a unit of missile troops so I painted up the rest of troops from the bag of Gripping Beast dark age archers.  I kept most of them fairly subdued but you can see the one fellow with his dull yellow and red striped tunic is a bit of snappy dresser.
These guys all have sword and several have buckler type shields that I again painted as if they were leather though I am not sure such shields were used in the Dark Ages.  I put a basic design on one shield the others are plain.