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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Huzzah Day Two Part one a hard knights day

Saturday morning I had open and when plans to get together with my brother fell threw I joined Ken Eckhardt's Medieval Jousting game
Photo provided by the Huzzah Facebook page
That's Ken in the Jester's hat.
I quickly won the archery contest getting copy of Errol Flynn's Robin Hood as a reward
Ken has a lot of spectators they actually have a roll in the game as we seek to gather fans.
My Knight chosen because Ariana would like the Unicorn crest and heart coat of arms.

The King apparently has a thing for the 4 horsemen and as Pestilence was chosen by the Chris Rett we lost a civilian per joust.
Long story short I an apparently a terrible knight!  but I am good at picking fans.
The Visiting king Stephan joined me he wants me to find a certain princess to marry his son...
The piper he lets me steal other people's fans!
Finally I picked a lady in waiting... who since I got her dowry is apparently not waiting any longer.... don't tell Ariana. ;)
And finally I found the princess, making King Stephan VERY HAPPY.  You get a fan each turn of the game win or lose, but winners get two...
I lost all three Jousts (though two of them were close)
I did a little better in the Mass combat almost getting Ken's Irish knight
Chris and the Pestilence Knight ...
is still knocking them dead.
I did manage to beet up Sir Tomlin the Horse killer who had hit me in the leg twice during our joust and I warned his next opponent, Ken, that he was aiming at my horse (a major no, no in a joust).  Wouldn't you know it Tom killed Ken's horse of the first pass of the next Joust.  Sir Tomlin and I traded blows for three turn but I finally got the win..
Only to find Sir Christopher the Knight of Pestilence riding down on my flank...
He landed a solid blow and I was out of the tournament but at lest I got one kill. Ken ran a great game and I picked up a knight of my own for next year!