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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Huzzah! Haul

One last Huzzah posting, after all one of the things we all go to convention to do is shop and get new toys.
I picked up 2 feet worth of flexible stone walls form WarGamers' Terrain . They really do bend as you can see above. You may recognize the river in the back ground as looking a lot like John's and you would be correct as they are from the same company.
From the Footsore website
I also picked up a bunch of miniatures from Footsore Miniatures to fill out my dark age war band.
Ken's Jousting wargame lead to a bunch of loot, including a DVD, a bottle opener, a pedometer, a rubber ducky (dressed as a knight) and some Princess Shades (my nice will like those)
Finally on Sunday there was a great "yard sale" I picked up a bunch of old 25mm miniatures. They are true 25s so they are a little small compared to my current selection of dark age warriors but they should work regardless.   I also picked up a knight that will be used in Ken's game next year.  The ruined church was a steal at $1! it reminds me a bit of the Joan D'Arc Chapel at Marquette(the university I attended) if it were ruined.
The Footsore miniatures and church are nearing completion si you should see them fairly soon.