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Saturday, May 30, 2015

1st Battle of Landshut

 Mike ran two games of the 1st Battle of Landshut  and I got to run part of the Prussian force in the second game. Its really not a fight the Prussians can win but we came up with a plan that would at lest scare our foes.
 We advanced on the right with most of our men the left...
 Drawing Austrian fire.
 We sent one unit marching to the right to threaten that flank.  We should have sported them with our one unit of light cavalry.
 Here you can see the full scope of the battle field we are the small force and wisdom says we should stick together but we are betting that wisdom is wrong.
 The units on the right exchange fire
 The Austrian infantry break off under fire...
 so do the Prussians and they are run down by cavalry... we realy should have sent that support.
 We are lined up at the base of the hill and up we go in the style of Bunker Hill or Picketts charge.
  Our fist volley is quite effective doing damage and driving back the cavalry and the unit of Grenzers
 Artillery does its own damage and the Austrians win in on our garrison regiments flank
 The attack goes in and drives our garrison regiment back but they are now out of position
 Pioneers strike hard at Grenzers and Grenadiers charge guns...
 other grenadiers take the big Austrians in the flank..
 For a moment it looks like we might have won... Austrian troops fall back... but the Grenzers on the left rally and Austrian cavalry moves in on us.
 The Pioneers break under fires and my Grenadiers must turn to face the cavalry.
 But that open our flanks and on come the Austrians.
Only two of our units are still in place.  We haven't won but the Austrians knew they were in a fight.