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Monday, May 25, 2015

Facing the British Guards (Break through mission at the Whiz)

Some where in Belgium or Holland a company of Panzer Grenadiers are facing off with member of the Guards Armor.
Platoons of Sherman swing to the right and left flanks.
My 15cm Guns are dead by turn 3 but the bought me time to move troops on to the objectives even if no Tanks were killed.
25 pounder artillery and mortars spent most of the day pounding these men to limited effect though they did kill my 2iC early on and got some other men latter.
I have the front of the objectives pretty well covered with AT guns and StuGs and my 3rd Platoon is on the objective but efforts to dig in have failed
And then... more Brits arrive infantry and tank destroyers...
Ricardo got lots of hits on me as his men fired before moving in I survived his first swing with only one kill and then drove him off...
I got lucky the ID only got one of my StuGs and my return fire killed three Shermans (Ricardo had doubled) the British 2iC took his best shot but missed
My own tanks failed to hit but 3 of 4 died to Firefly fire.
Ricardo has horrible luck with his shooting and my moral test when well holing the objective with what was left of my 3rd Panzergrenadier platoon and I have other troops closing in on the position.  Ricardo decided to concede.  He was probably right his chances of wining would depend on me rolling very badly and the recall officer from his Commander in Chief  (wife) may have played into his calculations :)