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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Combat of Blar a'callaid

The name of this battle is taken form Am Faclair Beag  My rough translation is the battle of the hedge ("Blar" is battle "callaid" can mean both hedge or fence which is perfect for this fight. I Claim all credit for any miss-translations)
The fight started well for me Wulfric defeated Uthred the Briton Champion.  I also had some luck with passing the horn giving me an extra dice per stand.
I also made it to the fall first with most of the  troops that mater (not levies)
Looks like a formidable position if only I could form a shield wall....
John can and does form a shield wall.. but that formation on the left is still not in the shield wall...
So I took a risk and them... I drove them back but...
John managed quite a counter stroke hitting with two units and charging with shield wall at the fence.
The fighting was fairly inconclusive but I got the worse of it... and Bregred and his band int eh center is in a bad fight.
on the left I was able to drive john's men off breaking that formation my troops int he center were also lost. After the fighting I sent my formation on the left in behind the shield wall while my elitists moved to it front. I also sent the troops on the right off in a flanking movement.
John got lucking with the cards and got to move first my force was broken..
We then spent several tuns circling each other until it became clear that with the edge of the world I couldn't out flank John's shield wall and I elected to withdraw. John secured a 5 point victory... I realized after the battle that I had not brought a unit of Warriors with me to the table.  I don't think they would have made a difference. John played too carefully and didn't take any of the chances I was able to capitalize on in previous battles.  Casualties were actually pretty low on both sides about a dozen men each John is now besieging my province.