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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Huzzah Saturday Part 2: Electronic Brigadier Freeman's Farm

Saturday after noon I was signed up for a game I was really excited to try.  I had been following development AJs game Electronic Brigadier for some time and he even reach out to me about Rev War French tactics (not that I am an export but as a member of Regiment Saintonge I do have some insight)
The American Center commanded by my friend Bergi including Morgan's Rifles, Dearborn's Light infantry and several units of militia
My command Learned's Brigade the 2nd, 8th and 9th Mass and the 2nd Canadian regiment. I used to be part of the 8th Mass reenacting group and I have close ties the 2nd and 9th Mass recanting groups so you could say this was a bit of a home coming.
Those woods separated me from the main American line and I would be facing the cream of the British Army (the 24th foot, a battalion of Grenadiers, a battalion of light infantry and a Hessian light battalion). I knew we couldn't afford a gap so the 9th Mass was sent into the woods.
To my right the Americans are getting into a good position..
In my area its less neat.
Bergi and his battery were key support for me as were Morgan's rifle men
The 24th foot closed in on the 2nd Mass who had the 8th behind them and the Canadians to the left.
I hit the 24th with two battalions and drove them back giving my self some space
My opponent sent natives in behind me... but they were easily chased off.
As you can see to my right its a long battle line with long range fire being exchanged.
The 9th mass and the British Light troops exchanged fire Morgan's rifles and artillery gave them some help.
Grenadiers advance to cover the 24th and long fire fight starts
Hessians and the 8th Mass join the fire fight.  heavy fire goes back and forth between the Canadians and Grenadiers.  The 9th Mass and Light Infantry also pound each other with US Artillery and riflemen hitting the Brits as well
the lights are running....
and keep running
The British are using the gap I couldn't quite prevent to put pressure on the militia (the militia routed) at the end of the line the now partly recovered 24th foot joins in. but the rout of the Light Infantry lets the 9th Mass get a flank shot at the 24th and Artillery fire and shots form the Rifle men hit them too
That sets the 24th running was well
Our firefight with the grenadiers and hessian is still going on with heavy damage on both sides
The Hessians and Grenadiers fall back... and my own troops have there moral drop to.. keeping me form pursuing but I have secured the flank.
At this point the game secession is over casualties and army moral favor the Americans by a small but significant amount so its ruled a minor American victory. The Electronic Brigadier system worked really well, better then Carnage and Glory which I consider a very good game.  We even got to try it on my Kindle and it worked like a charm.  You can take a look at another report by the game organizer AJ over at AJ's Wargaming Blog.