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Friday, May 22, 2015

Sunday Huzzah: The Great Battle of Waterloo

This is the BIG ONE Boston Trained Bands organizations huge multi-table Napoleonic Battle using Blackpowder. 
My own command two Brigades of infantry and a small corps of cavalry in the town of Plancenoit facing the on comping Prussians.
My pal John running the Hougoumont table the building is lovely but 15mm which actually gives it the right foot print
Chris is helping run the center table.
The Carriere Division holding its position in Plancenoit
The Young Guard marching hard to the relief under Jonathan's command and more troops under Bergi's command are to the north of the the image.
One Prussian command(Scott) had good luck and advanced up on the right if that cavalry gets around us we are in trouble.
Maureen however rolled poorly for command including a blunder that send her men haring off in a hedge in field.
I threw my men forward to buy time for the Young Guard. My tiny cavalry corp (two under strength units of Dragoons) charges and one of my infantry battalions sweeps in to take the advance Prussian gun.  We took the gun but my infantry fell to the counter charge and my cavalry had a unit Broken then other fell and was hit again in the follow on sweeping charge by the Prussians.
Prussian artillery bangs out across the line but we bought the time needed the Prussian cavalry under fire falls back and after a turn or two more of fire I have to pull back my broken infantry brigade and replace it with the second.
The Prussian troops are stacked up but they have cover and more artillery but we have the infantry to hold them back thanks to the sacrifice of two of my brigades. Johnathan holds the left(as seen above) Begi has the right with men dug in the house and my men hold the center.
At this point we declare our table a draw... eventually Blucher comes up with more troops and drive us off but the Prussian pursuit after the main battle will be much reduced. So history doesn't change but a few hundred or a few thousand more French men get home.   The rest of the pictures are from the other tables. 
The French on the center are advancing in large supporting column of infantry.
The allies on the high ground though some of them have advanced.
This is a truly massive battle no idea how many troops are here but both sides look impressive.
Hougoumont battle is looking just as impressive if a lot smaller
on the left side of the big table French Cavalry and British Squares do battle as they did 200 years ago.
In the center its an infantry on Infantry fight
Hougoumont's garrison is just barely hanging on
French Cavalry faces English and Allied troopers on the Allied flank. The central table didn't really follow history but the results were about the same the Allies held its on the flanks that history changes. Jonathan, Bergi and I hold off the Pussians and
Hougoumont falls to the French... I don't think this changes the exact out come but... I also have not heard Rich Clayton's official ruling on the results of the battle.