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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Aelric the Treasure Hunter

So when the War Band was introduced a few weeks ago this fellow was introduced as Aelric
But in truth he was a just a place holder until I got around to paining up this swashbuckler.  The last time I played D&D my character was a fighter (actually Swashbuckler) thief Aelric.  Aelric was an orphan who grew up on the streets eventually got caught and recruited in to his homelands naval forces. He was a good sailor and learned to fight even learned a little magic.
  I used this figure, Pieter the Duelist by Ral Partha, for that Aelric and my old GM still has him(and a lot of other figures I should probably get back from him at some point).  I love the look of this figure its costume works equally well for historical or fantasy games, I wish he has another sort of hat but at least the hat looks warm enough for Frostgrave.
 I'm really pleased with how the cloak came out the shading effect is just what I was going for, dark blue that has faded a bit and is maybe a little thread bare.
The other thing I love about this character is his impressive mustache.

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