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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bonapart and the Chain of Comand Play Test(2): Barossa

John and I met at Hobby Bunker for another Play test of General Bonaparte and the Chain of Command. 
 Here you can see the strategic phase I managed to push out a good way but didn't get as far to the left as I wanted.  We were trying a new movement variant that I devised (which you can see here) but other wise we were playing version 2.4 of these rules.
 The French deployment.   I really could have done this better if I had placed the battalion in line there on the other side of the unit to the left of the guns...
 Part of the English force lurking in the woods.
 Tun one we open fire on the English battery in column and its driven back with 5 shock.
 My Leger  advance into the woods and exchange fire with John's light troops
 John advances his infantry up and blast away at my Leger...
 John Considers what to do with the cavalry threat on his right.
 In a bold move he ignores it and charges my limbered Artillery ... I blast them with artillery but they

  He routes those guns but doesn't get enough movement to hit any other units.
 Untill my turn when he interrupts and charges my men.
 He breaks my infantry... and wounds my general...
 Then hits my troops again... this time he has gone a charge too far and the KGL horsemen break...
 My own cavalry make a charge of their won sweeping a battery and a column of infantry before them...
 My second break through hits a second battery it hurts my men but we rout it as well... even though the rules might permit another charge I feel two follow up charges is more than enough. We must check this point with the author
 My postion is looking fairly good now.
 John lets my cavalry have it ... and I then pull them away.
 John's men are moving through the woods slowaly as the battle shifts to that wing.
 The Massed lines of English troops advance through the woods
 Met by the French Leger brigade.
 John's light troops charge my Leger and the my men are broken..
  thought they do damage John's light troop
At this point we have to call because of the hour but I am in a good position... both sides have taken significant casualties but neither is crippled by any means. John is in a more difficult position as his men are stacked up in the woods but that is also a good defensive position.  Next time we are going to try this with some of my 15mm troops they are 7 Years War but the should work regardless.

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