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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Standing Stone, Scater terrain and to paint or not paint rocks.

 I've been thinking that a standing stone would be a great addition to my Frostgrave table so I have been gathering rocks on my lunch break walks and thought this one would work nicely
 I painted it black and then Dark German gray, followed by dry brushing in neutral gray and sky gray (Vallejo paints) I Think the effect I got worked well.  Then a circle of aquarium gravel some army painter tufts and snow flock.
 There is a cure to the stone but if anything that just makes it look cooler to me.
 So in this case I painted the rock but I sometimes think that is silly so I did this piece of scatter terrain as a test..
 The rocks here are not painted (I wish I had painted the wood, oops) but with the Lamax bricks it looks like a bit of road or plaza that has been buried under stones
 They don't look much like rubble its true but they could be great stones thrown here by frost giants or tossed by the magical storms or battles.  So what do people think should I paint stones or leave them au natural.

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