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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Alternative Infantry Movement Rules for Bonaparte and the Chain of Command

These are some modified movement rules I did up because the purely random movement bothered me.  As a Revolutionary War Reenactor its my experience that troop movement over open ground is "fairly" predictable. The swing in movement for troop in column could be from 3 inches to 18 inches, meaning you can't make any sort of judgment about how "safe" you are from a unit that is X distance away.  I know form reading manuals of the time period that officers talked about judging a units ability to cover ground by eye ball (not in so many words, but they do talk about it) and I know I have done it my self when acting as company commander and battalion Sargent Major at reenactments.

I took one of the d6s away from infantry movement in the open and replaced it with a 4 this reduces the swing in column from 3 to 18 and changes it to 6 to 16.

Infantry in Column(or Skirmishers):
Open 4+2d6 
Minor terrain 2d6; (skirmishers move as if in open)
Major terrain 1d6 (Skirmishers move as in minor Terrain)

Troops in line should (Generally) be slower than troops in Column. one of the problems with the system as written is a unit in column could move 3 inches over the same ground that a unit in line move 12 (if one is unlucky and other is lucky).  Again one of the 2d6 has been replaced with a 4 so in the open movement is 5 to 10.

Infantry in line: 
Open 4+1d6
Minor terrain 1d6
Major Terrain NA

I did movement in Square though in general I don't think tactical movement  of this sort is common.  You can do it but your going to be slow.

Infantry movement in Square
                                Open 1d6
                                Minor 1d3

Another problem I had with the movement was Non-Activated units can move 1d6 inches at the end of the turn(or they can fire) but but as you lose 1d6 movement for being in minor terrain it means that non-activated units are totally paralyzed in minor terrain and this didn't seem reasonable to me.

Movement by Non-activated units:
Open 1d6
Minor 1d3
Major NA

I left Artilery and Cavalry movement as they appear in the rules other than the changes to movement for non-activated units.   

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