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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Panzer Lehr vs Soviet Hero Assault guns

After fairly long hiatus I made it down to the Whiz for some Flames of War. My opponent was Gerry and his Soviet Hero Assault guns list. The Mission we rolled up was Counter attack and in retrospect that is were things started going wrong.
 I Started with all five of my platoons(a Panther Platoon, Panzer Grenadiers, Panzer IVs, a Puma and an Artillery platoons) platoons on the board.
 I used my spear head move to get forward...
 Then advance on the first turn.. I had few tartgets and got no hits...
 Then the Soviet Ambushe pops up.
 Gerry should have me dead to rights here...
 Despite mortars and multiple shots Gerry only bailed one tank...
 The Soviet Commander is luckier he gets one kill
 I should now have Gerry in a tough spot but between a bombardment and 5 direct shots... I get one hit (from the bombardment on an infantry team) and no hits.
 Gerry has troops on the far objective
 Gerry's shooting was not as good as it could have been he got tow bails but still I have a platoon moral check to make...
 I roll a 1 twice and there goes my most powerful platoon and my commanders.
 and there goes my most powerful platoon and my commanders.
 Still I have a shot at the other objective (or so I think) but mu shooting is terrible... and the Soviets are unpinned
 My troops are under bombardment one puma is bailed out.
 Gerry finally gets reinforcement three more SU-122 roll on the table..
 One Panaer IV goes up in flames.
 My artillery is under direct threat but can't get any hits...
 It takes lots of shots but we do pin the soviets down... and push in.. I kill one soviet... then...
Fail to motivate to counter attack...  Its two turns before the objective is eavn live and I don't have anything that can hurt the SU-122s So we call the game.  I think my tactics were good but my dice were so bad it didn't matter. Gerry's list would have been really hard for me beet in this mission as I have to win quick and you can't do that when the objective doesn;t go live until turn 6

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