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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Terrain Work in Progress

Several Frostgrave projects are under way
First we have the Museum hall for the Living Museum scenario.  I plan to add a roof to this and I want raise it off the ground and add a stairway.
Ruined building.  Very similar to the other building but this one is a bit taller.
I use sparkle to simulate stucco.
This time I am working in the rubble from the start and I think its working out well, though I am far from done.
Finally I have been thinking about Frostgrave and its a ruined city with all kinds of squatters, I've read of other fallen cities and the piece tend to get reused in construction.
So I started working on this small hovel built from pieces of foam core that I hope will look like they have been harvested from ruined buildings.
The top come off its not very big but it could be the shelter of one or two human size figures

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