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Monday, November 2, 2015

Secret Santa

I am not really good at asking for things, Ariana would confirm that, its just not something I feel comfortable with but its request by Ian as part of the Secret Santa project.

Frostgrave has taken the bulk of my hobby time recently so Frostgrave related stuff would be great.(FYI Hobby Bunker is a local shop carrying Frosgrave and they ship)

Some items I don't have but would like to get:

FGV300 - Undead Encounters

FGV301 - Ice Toad & Snow Leopard

Also the FGX001 - Wild Dogs and FGX003 - Wolves or any of the soldier sets (I'm all set for wizards at the moment)

The Renedra Ruins sets 1, 2 and 3 would be highly useful too.

Bones figures for Undead, or other creatures would alos be welcome

Naval Wargaming Earlier this year I discovered Naval Thunder and Would love to expand my fleets for this. I'm a fan of Panzerschiffe miniatures.

USN- I can use almost everything but especially more US Heavy and Light Cruisers of all classes, especially those that took part in the earlier parts of World War II. I also could use some US Battle ships specificaly of Colorado, Tennessee, and New Mexico classes.

IJN- Pretty much any ship here is useful I want some real Japanese battleships (the two I have are realy battle Cruisers) and more Cruisers and Destroyers.

Also any thing in the 15mm (or 18mm) range that works for the 18th Century is always of interest. I have an excellent collection of 18th Century European figures but Figures that work for the American Revolution or the Colonial side of the Seven Years War AKA French and Indian War would be enjoyed. I really like Bluemoon figures and have been toyig with picking up items form the above or thier swashbuckler range.

So there are some ideas for my secret santa or anyone else looking to get me a gaming related gift.

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