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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Two Level Frostgrave Building

 So this piece became sore to a test bed so I could see how various approaches worked as I built it.  I wanted some more terrain with height for frostgrave to cut down on the Archer takes the high ground factor that has played in a number of games. Here you can see I used stones again to look like the top of a field stone basement.
 I then used match sticks to create a timber frame and added spackle to create a stucco effect.  I would use more patch sticks next time and I should have put in some diagonal ones.  Still the technique seems to have worked... we will see how well it holds up.
 In this case I used a knife to make cuts and peal away parts of the paper covering the foam core. This created made it look like the exterior wall had crumbled revealing the stones behind it.   I like the look but I would have left more paper the bottom the crumbling pattern doesn't really look right
 I left one wall open and filled it with a lot of rubble were the roof an fallen in.  the rubble is packed in tight so figures should be able to stand with little difficulty.
Then a liberal application of snow flock. The end result is a building that looks a bit odd but several people in my gaming group really like it.   Its not my best work but I learned a lot building it and I have a functional piece of terrain so its a win

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