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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Two Naval Games

General Quarters 3
Frank has been looking to get on some naval gaming and since we had an odd number for Frostgrave I was happy to play. The first game featured 4 destroyer squadrons against each other two British and two Japanese. We used Franks sent of rules General Quarters 3
I was running the Japanese fleet.
Gun fire was heavy and accurate during turn one
As a result Suzukaze was soon burning from a hit on her torpedo mount.
Turn 2 saw multiple torpedo launches on both sides.

First one...
And then three more British Destroyers are sinking
One of the dead English men does get a little of his own back when his torpedo finishes it's run.With  4 British Destroyers in sunk and one of the remaining two crippled we call the game.  5 of 6 Japanese destroyers got some kind of damage and two of those were in rough shape.
Naval Thunder
For our Second game I took the USN Washington, Boisi and Atlanta while Frank took the IJN with the Mutsu, Takoa and three destroyers. In theory these are balanced forces... but
IN two turns the Washington had focused fire on Takoa as I did not want her to close with torpedoes. I took some hits from Mutsu but despite her better guns she only got a few threw my armor. I sank Takoa with little dificutly
Atlanta and the destroyers engage with hits on both sides.
Boisi sinks one Destroyer
Atlanta is burning...
Washington Shifts fire to Mutus and both battle ships start exchanging body blows. The Japanese destroys take their torpedo shot but miss and are sunk before they can reload
I have more luck on the critical hit table and soon Mutus is listing... Mutus lands several hit but only takes out my secondary batteries.. she alos hurts Atlanta with her secondaries...
Mutsu takes additional damage, her guns are knocked out an she has multiple floods... they crew abandons ship...
but the Gunners in the secondary batteries of Mutsu do enough damage that Atlanta (which always seems to sink in my battles) also slips beneath the waves. Washington was hurt losing 70 or 150 hull points but all her vital systems are in good shape.  She'll need an extensive refit but could fight again if she had too (thought the loss of our radar would hurt us).  Sorry for the odd looking see we didn't have a real naval board available.

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