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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Wrath of the Lizard Mage

Mike and I decided to play a standard scenario. Mike has a new war band (I want to say his wizard is 7th level, mine is 20th).  Gone is the old Sigilist war band now he's got a Lizardman witch thing going on.
I start the game gabby tokens with Telekinesis as Thinneth drops the token at the feet of one of my halflings.
We see sinister looking creatures covered in scales skittering toward us..
And one large cat headed creature... (demon in a bottle)
App Rosser is on the move with his bear escort.
The lizard apprentice is moving up as well, glimpsed through the ruined columns...
The apprentice drops fog.. Mike has learned to fear my skilled archers
Mike has initiative (every turn bu the first one!) and his men are moving up.
I cast Grenade and Lucian uses his explosive cocktail but we both miss.. no damage is done... I Caltha Harfoot just barely manages to shrug off a mind control spell
My archer shoots the lizard at arms..
Then Bumby and Miska move up to engage... Bumby is savagely stabbed by the lizard and has but one hit point left
App Rosser says get over here treasure with Telekinesis...
Looks like this guy want a piece of Aelric
But I manage to avoid him..
I also stick an arrow in the lizard apprentice...
Things are looking good...
The the Lizard wizard (say that 5 times fast) strikes down my apprentice with elemental bolt
We mob the lizard at arms (after Thinneth casts strength)
Lizarad troops are on the way...
Miska runs interference...
While Thinneth deals with the vile lizard
Bumby despite his injuries joins miska and the lizard soldier is sent Back ..
My attempt to shoot the wizard fails...
And fist Lucian and then a turn later Raul is killed by the wizards elemental bots... I killed one more lizard, lost my dog and failed to get the wizard and apprentice with a grenade spell.. At this point the last token is declared off the table (it wasn't but it was close and both mike and I want The bleeding to stop). This was a savage battle and both of us lost several soldiers.  Miska, Raul and App Rosser are permanently dead by the last is revived by the elixir of life.  Lucian come back to the hide out after hiding in a hole the snow for several hours... Thinneth was very please to see her old battle companion.

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