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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Rebasing conundrum.

Most of my 18th century armies are based like the stand above. The base is two inches wide by one inch deep and is intended for Volley and Bayonet at 2/3s scale.  Personally I love V&B because its mechanic is simple and places an emphasis on the decisions made by the player not the composition of the troops. 

Still Black Powder is the popular game in this area and I do enjoy that game as well in part because it gives you the ability to make individual units unique an attribute that is somewhat lacking in V&B.  Any system has its flaws at least until I write my own perfect rule set (HA HA)! While Black Powder can use any basing convention the truth is that people are used to one particular convention and it looks a like this: 4 Square bases to a unit.
When I used my 1 base to a regiment basing it did create minor confusion.  Also since Black Powder uses formation, line, attack column, and Square having multiple bases to a unit does help.

Then of-course I discovered Maurice last spring and while I only have one game in with that system its one I like and hope to play more of. Maurice uses the same basing convention as Black Powder though again you can use any convention as long as its consistent. Still players tend to think of things in terms of the convention put forward int he rules.

So I have been thinking of re-basing at least a portion of my 18th century armies to work with the conventional version of Back Powder and Maurice.  Re-basing is a huge undertaking though not a big as painting whole new (duplicate) armies for a new system (yes it crossed my mind, I am that sick).

I would be interested to hear how other approach this process.