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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tank Ace Turn 3 game 1 and some "for fun" games

Most of the guys were playing Bolt Action, I have no interest in painting any more 28mm figures though I really do need to give that game a try at some point.
Bob, Ted, and Tim set up for Bolt Action.

Don and I set up a Tank ace game at 900 points with Luke as my able lieutenant. 
 Don set up for a fast and furious game with a T34 charge!
 We got lucky and killed Don's SU-152 (I think that was what the monster was) but then his tank ace jumped into a T-34 to continue the fight.
 He quickly killed bunch of my StuGs and sent the survivors running for the rear.I had just enough fire power to break his T-34s on the next turn giving me the win and Dumipfin is still scoreless!

Luke and I set up next with him using an American tank force form BG&G for the 4th Armor.
 Luke used a force of two Jumbos and two Easy 8 to pin my attintion to the front...
 While Flanking me with his other two Easy 8 tanks.
 Dumpfin's Ambush talents came to goo use here, but Luke was lucky to only loose one E8.
 I bailed one of the jumbos when my Nachorn's arrived and that was the turning point.
 The Nachorn's got one jumbo next turn and caused the other to run with a duble bail... tough with E8s pushing on each objective I was in trouble.
 I though Luke had me with this one (he killed the StuG) but I was able to get Dumipfin back though he still missed!
 in the end only one StuG and one Nachorn survived the battle

Luke and I then swapped armies and proceeded to school me with the Germans.  Refusing his left and attacking me on his right.
 Got to love looking down the barrel shots!
 I did manage to scare him with this push on his left (my right)
 But he used the ambushes to make up for a lack of fire power
And held me while he killed the Tanks on my left and took the objective. Good game Luke.