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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nathanael Greene.

Nathanial Green
If you were to propose and award program for Histories great generals and if you were to have a category "Greatest General never to win a Major Battle" Nathanial Green would be a strong contender if not the runaway favorite.  Greene served as Washington's loyal lieutenant through out the revolution and even took on the thankless job of Quartermaster General.  His Southern Campaign is one every would be strategist should be familiar with.

Greene divided his forces in the face of a stronger foe (generally not a good idea)  and harassed Cornwallis into chasing him all over the Carolinas. He lost the every battle he fought against but always mauled his opponent's army to a point were after the battle it was the British who found them selves having to withdraw.  Ariana and I visited his home in Coventry RI were he lived from 1770 to 1775, the house was closed but I got to walk the grounds and snap some photos.