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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tank Ace Tuesday Round 2 games 2 and 3.

 It was a busy night at the Game Castle.  My First game had me facing off against Ted his army is souped up a bit at 700 points with 4 Jackson Tank Destroyers.  So he had a lot of big guns and and still had that jumbo.
Both of us stayed at range, this worked out better for me against Ted's Americans then our earlier close in fights.  For some reason I don't have my normal selection of shots.
 I had my hornises hiding in the woods. They whiffed on a bunch of shots and got creamed by the return fire.

 Then the TDs showed up behind me. They killed one Stug and one Horniess,
but I got them the next turn, killing one of them with my "element of surprise ambush".
 I was trying to close and get within 16 but is didn't work out well for me, and I fell back to cover. 
Dumipfins high water mark one bailed tank still no kills! Ted moved his jumbo up and I did kill one of his tanks I just couldn't get enough hits to kill the the others. We both got three kills in the end and I had more operational so I won this game 4 to 2.

The next battle I was facing Stan's Americans as this was my 3rd game at this round I would not count for point. You can see the results below I rolled really well in this game and got Stan in cross fire Killing all of his tanks in 3 turns.  I lost two StuGs and one Horniess
View from the barrel of the Hornieses just before my flanking StuG Killed the last Jumbo.
 For other games Rodney and Mike had a crazy twising battle that ended with only one of Mike's Tigers still operational and 0 Canadian Tanks still able to fight.

Rodney and Mike

 Ted and Stan did a training exercises, Stan was having a bad night.

Finally we had a bunch of people playing Bolt action with a Russian river assault on a German position. Got some pictures but didn't get a chance to really observe the game.