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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Flames of War Tank Aces at The Whiz

Two Day Event - Sunday, Dec. 9th (11 AM) and Saturday, Dec. 15th.(11 AM)
$10 - Entry Fee to cover

Tank Aces is an FOW campaign game from "Blood, Guts and Glory". The campaign consists of three rounds along with a final "Total War" game. The first two rounds will occur on the 9th, and the final round and "Total War" game will happen on the the 15th. The campaign escalates through three points stages: 500 pts (2 games), 700 pts, and 900 pts. Players may choose any late war tank list, but must use the same army list through out the campaign.

The first two rounds (500 and 700 pts.) are played using the "Scrape Yard" Mission. In this mission need only take HQ, combat or weapons platoons, and you need not have all of the required platoons. You must only take tank teams from the platoons you purchase. You may not take special characters or Tiger Ace skills. The teams in your army will all operate as independent warrior teams.

The third round (900 pts.) is normal scenario and all the requirements for your forces apply, though you still may only field tank teams. (The 900 point total with required units may be the most restrictive.) Through out the campaign you Tank Ace acts as your company command. As you play games your Tank Ace earns experience points which they can use to gain skills. The skills are listed in "Blood, Guts and Glory". Players involved in the total war battle will field a 900 point list along with their Tank Ace with all his acquired skills. The top Axis and Allied player will command each side.

Please direct questions to Nick Gross, gross@bu.edu