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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Notables for Maurice

I figure the Grand Duchy of D'Argent needs a few notable of its own I put these forward for your consideration(these are also posted on the Honor Forum so I can get feed back):

Sir Robert de Burre:  An English exile of Norman background and friend of the Duke. Sir Robert is capable officer who trains his men well he is a master of battlefield maneuver.

Social Rank 2, Hazard 10, Instinct: March

Aelric:  a mysterious figure said to be an orphan who saved the Duke's life and made his fortune. Alric is out of place in court society and stays in the back ground. Aelric is not constrained by the same rules that govern the conduct of gentlemen.

Irregular infantry:  If Aelric is commanding irregular infantry and targets a unit with a notable he may force that noble to make a hazard test rather then roll to disrupt. 

Social Rank 1, Hazard 9

Barron Triggs: D'Argent's ambassador to the Holly Roman Empire. The Baron is more of a diplomat then a soldier though his connections make him a capable chief of staff and he is also a master of propaganda.   When commanding in the field he is careful and looks after his men.

If used as a chief of staff Barron Trigg's connections allow him to recruit an extra mercenary unit to serve with the army if he is the attacker and provides his commander with an extra Epic Point if his side is defending.

Social Rank 3, Hazard 11, Instinct Rally