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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tank aces Week 4 Round 2 Game 1.

Dumipfin rides again! This was our first game at the 700 point level a training exercises against Mike's Panzers.  My army consisted of 4 StuG Gs, 2 Hornisse/Nachorn tank destroyers and 2 PanzerFlak 38(t)s. Mike's army was 2 Panzer IVs and a Pair of Tigers.
  Both of us played a cautious game as we both have armies that do better sniping at range then engaging closely.  As you can see above I tried to keep maximum cover for my men and make Mike come to me. He did this but didn't come as deep in as I would have liked.
 Mike's tanks were not painted last time we saw them but I think he did a very nice job both with the camo patter for the Panzer IVs and the Tiger looks very good with a simple paint job dressed with lichen for camo.
 Mike and I both got into a lot of postions like this using cover. He had first move and shot and...
 Killed on Nachorn and bailed the other Mike would bail a number of my tanks during the game to his frustration.
 I got my own back pretty quick killing one of his Panzer IVs Dumipfin also got a shot on a Tiger that hit and penetrated the armor but failed to explode! So he is still a perfect 0 for kills in games that count.
 Mike sniped of my StuGs with is Panzer Ace But I was able to kill him on the next turn.
 Tiger an Nachorn play a dangerous game of cat and mouse the woods protected me and kept Mike at range. My infantry ambush hit this tiger with two shots but failed to get through the side armor of 8.
 The Game ends Mike killed 3 of my teams 2 StuGs and 1 Nachorn I killed 1 of his Tigers and 1 Panzer IV.  As I had more surviving tanks and my tank ace I squeaked out a win 4 to 3 getting enough points for my round 2 skill.
Stan also had his tanks painted he went with a desert camo pattern I don't know if its historical but it looks nice. He beat Chris and his Polish People's Army force 5 to 1.