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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More Gebirgsjagers/Sturm Platoon

 The Light mortar teams won't get used in late war but if I do an early war Gebirg army they will be handy to have.
 The bases came out more symmetrical then i usually like but since they would in different platoons it should not be an issue.
 This platoon is short I think I miscounted since my Panzerschrecks were in the same batch, whipping up the other two stands will not take long.
 Used the Gail Force 9 tundra set, and Army Painter highland truff and wild flowers again this time with some cork to give the ground broken/rocky quality.
 Rear view or the same stands.
 The center man anctualy has his base trimmed and is stuck in a hole in the cork.
 I like to give my men cover and I felt the cork rock look especially good on this base.
Using an MG this way must really get old fast, must be something you do when you don't like your ammo carrier (or when you have no choice).