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Saturday, November 17, 2012

3 Trolls Ardenns Battle

Ariana had to work to day so I made my way to 3 Trolls to take part in their weekly battle. This game consisted on 2000 points of US Paratroopers against 2500 points of Volksgrenadiers.  I was on the American side with Curtis facing Warren and Charlie with their Volks Grenadier hord!

Store owner Dick Krischbaum looks as Waren and Charlie deploy the Germans
 Facing this Horde of Huns we Yankees had two platoons of Infantry and Platoon of light 105mm.  We also had air and off board 155mms. If that sounds like a lot of artillery the Germans had 2 batteries of guns (10.5 CM and 12.5CM guns) as well as heavy mortars.
 Just a small part of the German horde heading my way, there were 15 German platoons, 8 of them infantry and they cam in wave after wave.
 I had very good luck with artillery dice killing and pinning a bunch of these reluctant Germans
 Air played its roll as well hitting the Hertzers hard and making them....
 Hurt!  OK some times yo just have to go for the low hanging fruit
 The first German wave is beaten back but more are coming and I have fewer men to fight them off with!
 The second or was it third wave, I lost count is decimated and pinned.... but my own troops are hanging on by a thread and only the arrival of US armor on Curtis's flank's timely arrival killing Warren's PanzerIV(70)s saves us.  I spend the last turn with my head down as Charlie tries to kill my men and gets 3 of our 6 105s howitzers...
The game ends on turn six as the Americans having held back the horde long enough to establish the main like of resistance fall back and the Germans try to pick up the pieces.  A fun game had I had a little less luck or if Charlie had had a little more it should have been a hard day for many more mothers in the USA.